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 Easter Event

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PostSubject: Easter Event    Easter Event     I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 20, 2011 7:03 am

A great way to get free potions when your not really doing anything!

Event Briefing:

It’s Easter time in Mabinogi! As you go about your part time jobs collecting eggs, you may notice the hens of Erinn look a little perplexed. Upon gathering their eggs, you may sometimes collect a fossilized Easter egg!
Simply free the Easter egg from the slate and rock in a reasonable amount of time without damaging the egg.
If you are successful, you will receive an iconic Easter Egg Capsule. Pop it open to gain access to the sweet morsels inside. The candy will provide you with special stat bonuses for a short time. Even better than last year's version of this event, there is a chance to get a shining golden reward from an Easter Egg Capsule... a Golden Fixed Dye Ampoule!
Happy Easter! Hens will stop laying fossilized eggs on 4/26/2011.

About the Event

This event is simple, collect Easter Egg Fossils from any of the Hens (The chance of getting a fossil is around 25%) and do the fossil mini game in order to receive an Easter Egg Capsule reward which, when used, will give you a random item. Though having several mistakes on your fossil will result in a failure, the Easter Egg Fossil, like previous event fossils, is slightly more lenient on the player and a barely restored fossil will still result in a capsule.
There is also a tree and a Tree Keeper NPC outside the Qilla Base Camp where you can buy Memo Paper. Use the Memo Paper and write a message on it. After that, talk to the Tree Keeper and he will put it on the tree


MP 30 Potion x2
HP 30 Potion x2
Stamina 30 Potion x2
Shrimp Fried Rice (5 Stars)
Strawberry Milk (5 Stars)
Potato and Egg Salad (5 Stars)
Easter Egg (HP) x10
Easter Egg (HP) x20
Easter Egg (MP) x10
Easter Egg (MP) x20
Easter Egg (SP) x10
Easter Egg (SP) x20

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Easter Event     Pbucket

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Easter Event
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