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A place for members of Chou to interact outside of Mabinogi. Our outside Paradise.
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 Chokonya - チョコ

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PostSubject: Chokonya - チョコ   Tue Oct 26, 2010 7:02 pm

Yo~ Im Choko :-D

Birthplace?: I unno.. maybe a forest, er somewhere peacefull.

Gender?: FEMALE!

Race?: Cookie RACE!

FULL Name?: My name is Choko "Tanuki" Yashoto Pyro <-longassnameamiright?

Color-o-choice?: Blue! Blew! And more BLOO!

Weapon(s) of Choice: My ego'd Japanese 1-hander (Gemini), Blue Alchemy Cylinder, Catpawz!

Sexual Preffrence?: hehehehe I like girls cause their cute~ > u <

Measurement?: Hell If I'll tell anyone... Unless you allow me show you. >////< heheh-shotkilled-


Is almost completely foreign part of Chou, no blood relations to anyone in the guild. Likes to bard, afk/draw, and just have fun! Most of the time is in between the ages of 14-16. WARNING: Contrary to what her personality may lead to suspect, is very delicate and even weak in some aspects. There are many theories as to how she came to be one of them is the most promenent Human Transmutation. In creation she was put together using parts from human and animal dna the most non-resesive animal trait seem to come from a small raccoon like animal native to Japan called a "Tanuki". Not only does she show the perks of the species but from time to time in strange situations the transmuted animals apendiges (ears/tail/teeth/no fur though) protrude from the body mainly under times of stress. Has a very scientific way of fighting even though she makes it look simple and even unplanned, due to the fact that SHE HATES TO FIGHT. Joined Chou because she think butterflies are pretty and so Fatal Frame.. FIN!
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Chokonya - チョコ
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