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PostSubject: Kittah    Fri Nov 05, 2010 10:27 pm

Name: Kittah, Kitteh, Or Kitty.

Gender: Female. Dur.

Age: 10-13

Birthplace: Some snowy place.

Race: Humaan.

Color(s): Red, Blue, Black, White.

Weapon(s): Two-Hands, Claymores, Mostly anything.

Personality: I'm pretty nice unless you tick me off.

Favorite thing to do: I like to bother people. <3

One of the youngest members of Chou. Likes to hang around friends or help people. Calm, funny, sensitive, kind are mainly Kittah's personality's. Instead of jumping into melee, ran into ice and started spamming it until it was its highest rank. Member of Whoosh at one point. Left for a guild called Assassin. Assassin ran into problems and collapsed. Was a senior member of Dragonfly for a time. Left for Chou, and currently enjoying it. Looks up to everyone as if they were her siblings.

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