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 Island bound

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PostSubject: Island bound   Thu Jan 05, 2012 4:32 pm

People from all over Uladh had heard the buzz about a new continent being discovered and a camp had been established. Since that day, sails had been set en route to Iria; but one of them did not make it there.

A group of would-be pioneers were caught in a storm of great magnitude and ended up ship-wrecked on an island seemingly uninhabited of intelligent life. As some venture, they find a fresh water source, trees bountiful with fruit and even wildlife that can be caught with ease.
Confident help would arrive but not arrive soon, they knew that had to set up a camp on the island but they would at least be able to survive. The pioneers settled down content knowing that only the people they shared camp with could do them harm... or so they think.

Essentially Lord of the Flies if anybody here has read it. I always wanted to try out an RP where people can turn against one another, wondering if you guys are interested in the subject as well.
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Island bound
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