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 Black Dragon Event

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PostSubject: Black Dragon Event   Black Dragon Event I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 16, 2012 4:17 pm

So there is a lot of went going on right now and you can get really nifty gift....the only one that I think is worth getting is the Wish Upon a Dragon Event. So you gather black dragon fragment and turned it in and when enough is turned in (like the mugwart leaf event) you get to make one wish Very Happy , but you can only get 1 wish a day soo booo...

The reward to aim for is the space suit outfit <3 and the beam will go cheap to around 500k ish around a few day or so.

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PostSubject: Re: Black Dragon Event   Black Dragon Event I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 16, 2012 11:27 pm

Here is the wiki link.

Also some screenshots for reference when you're going to the Black Dragon. It will be at the Bird Mark in Rano, south of Muyu Desert near the Rano's metallurgy beach. It stays for 30 minutes once it arrives. You'll want to make a return coupon to warp there for each character you plan to use for a wish gift box. Note that a character can only get one per real life day.

Black Dragon Event Black_10

Black Dragon Event Black_11

Black Dragon Event Black_12

Black Dragon Event Black_13

Black Dragon Event Black_14

Black Dragon Event Black_15

Black Dragon Event Black_16

Also, lol @ person on ski jump slope.

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Black Dragon Event
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