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PostSubject: Norstaccato   Fri Nov 12, 2010 2:18 pm

Name: Norstaccato Von Henson

Clan:Rabukai ~The Clan of Protectors~


Reincarnation of: Lezdron

Story: Once a wandering protector in his past he looks for purpose in the life he has now following his master Chokonya hoping for purpose to come his way. As a reincarnation he was born at the age of 16 by the gods of the rabukai clan to bring greatness upon the land. He was born in the Land of Protectors Toren to Find his way to find someone to serve and protect. Now he follows as an apprentice to his mentor Soulpaladin and as a Protector to his master Chokonya. He has followed Chokonya through her darkest of days and forever remains servant to her. Was at one point within the Darkwings guild with Choko as well until his late dissappearance.

Quotes: "If it will protect her I shall sacrifice all I am for Lady Choko"

Weapons of Choice: Combat Wand and any sort of Shield

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