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 Mana Herb Steak Event

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PostSubject: Mana Herb Steak Event   Fri Nov 19, 2010 12:46 pm

There is another event that you have to cook an herb steak. If you eat it with a party of 10 people you get a boost that last 20 minutes and enable you to gain 200% in it's a 2x exp thing...add that with the Double Rainbow Event...PLUS 2x exp pot it shall be 6x exp....

Upon logging in, the player will receive a quest associated with this event.

The World's Greatest Cuisine How to Get Quest Log in during the 2010 Campfire Cookout Event.

Briefing My, oh my! A new recipe for Mana Herb Garlic Steak. Have you heard of it? Me neither, but they say it tastes absolutely amazing. Place a piece of meat on top of a clean Mana Herb and then grill it with garlic. The Mana Herb saturates the meat and prevents it from losing its juiciness. I'm not sure if I remember correctly, but I think I heard something about food tasting better when you share with someone else. So, try cooking one! -Glenis-
Objectives Cook a Mana Herb Garlic Steak.

Rewards 5,000 Experience Points
1,500 Gold

During the duration of the event, and only during the event, players are able to cook Mana Herb Garlic Steak.
Consuming the steak increases the amount of EXP gained for a set period of time.
See Mana Herb Garlic Steak page for temporary stat boosts gained upon consuming the steak.
When consumed with people around a campfire, the EXP boost, as well as the time, increases depending on the amount of people sitting near the campfire. See the table below for details.
Even though Nexon says any food made with the cooking skill will apply the boost, only the Mana Herb Garlic Steak will.
Although the EXP Bonus stacks with the Combat 2x EXP Potion, the bonuses are additive. With 8 people eating the steak, instead of receiving 4x the experience from the kills, you will receive 3x the experience. This contrasts the Combat EXP Potion and Double EXP events that multiply to receive 4x.
It is unknown when the Mana Herb Garlic Steak experience is added to the experience gained in relation to Double Experience Event days (including the Double Rainbow Event). If it is added before, then the final experience earned will be 6x. If it is added after, then the final experience will be 5x.
Like Combat 2x EXP Potions, if you disconnect while the Combat 2x EXP effect is still active, the remaining time will be saved for when you log back on

Participants Buff duration EXP Increase
1 5 Minutes 130%
2 10 Minutes 140%
3 10 Minutes 150%
4 10 Minutes 160%
5 15 Minutes 170%
6 15 Minutes 180%
7 15 Minutes 190%
8 20 Minutes 200%
9 20 Minutes 200%
10 20 Minutes 200%

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Mana Herb Steak Event
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