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PostSubject: Hyu/Kino   Wed Jan 09, 2013 12:15 pm

Hyukino is actually two names that only fit together from time to time. This is because Hyu and Kino are two different personalities who inhabit the same body.
Hyu is the shy one who hides behind his glasses and prefers to use magic rather than toe to toe fighting. Only if the enemy gets too close will he utilize mostly counter attacks and defense if need be.
Kino prefers to express himself without the glasses, taking greater pleasure in stating his mind than the reserved Hyu. Kino fights toe to toe, unafraid of looking his enemy straight in the eye before he rends its flesh. He is also quite conceited, stating numerous times that his fabulous attacks are too incredible for anything to withstand them. However, both Hyu and Kino possess a strong loyalty (Kino is much less likely to admit it and will ridicule you upon confrontation) and both will aid their friends in battle to the fullest of their extent. It is possible for both to possess the body at once, thus combining their skills into a more deadly force.
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