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PostSubject: Lutanai   Sun Mar 10, 2013 8:50 pm

(Decided to post for the hell of it)

Character name: Lutanai "Luta"

Age: 16-18???

Race: Human, Part faerie

Personality/Background: Somewhat cheeky with an wildly imaginative mind. His past was a time of war and great bloodshed, his own identity is shrouded in mystery. The adopted son of a merchant. Usually seen alone because the village children witnessed his strange powers, calling him "monster" and would bully and throw rocks at him when he is near. His childhood dream was to become a knight but discovered that he was unable to touch anything metallic due to burning pain after coming in contact with the object.

(To read the full story (the story will be tied in with "Kingdom of Chou"), please post a comment below)
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