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 Mabinogi Generation 1 - Chapter 7: Fomorian Tongue

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Mabinogi Generation 1 - Chapter 7: Fomorian Tongue Empty
PostSubject: Mabinogi Generation 1 - Chapter 7: Fomorian Tongue   Mabinogi Generation 1 - Chapter 7: Fomorian Tongue I_icon_minitimeThu May 09, 2013 7:46 pm

The sound of an eternity passing by is that of sitting in a lobby with other anxious people and the only audible sound being the ticking of a grandfather clock. Palala was peeking in through the window pane trying to lighten the mood, but only accomplishing a glare against the stained wood floor. So many ordinary things that happen daily here that suddenly become a nuisance as you’re waiting for the medic to emerge from his study to assure you Kaya, who had fallen victim to a dinner utensil, would be okay.
About 30 minutes ago we had arrived, and those 30 minutes we had anxiously been waiting here. Though, in the dead silence we all felt heavily weighing on all of us, it felt more like a day or so had transpired.
Those responsible, we have no idea what became of them. They were a couple of strange bandits that probably couldn’t steal candy from a baby if they wanted. We clearly outnumbered them, what could have made them think they could take us if we had money in our pockets to defend? They ran into the distance, I feel that isn’t the final encounter with them though...
That’s when we heard the sound of the doorknob to the care room turn, and we were suddenly on our toes. The look on his face could be anything: a dissatisfied scowl or a gentle smile.
“Well Manus, is she going to be okay?” Klarrann initiated. Manus returned his question with a slightly bothered face.
“She’ll be fine... but running into bandits?” He asked now giving Klarrann a full on expression of disappointment. “You boys are strong enough to throw bears off their feet; I don’t see how you or a friend of yours could receive such a wound!” And on came the scolding. “Sokk, you’re at fault too, back here now.”
“Kuh...” It was like watching a father yell at his children for playing too rough. He would be jabbering about something, then point his finger and one of them would flinch. Then he would proceed to holler some more before pointing his finger at the other, who would also flinch, as he continued to banter.
I shouldn’t be surprised, but those guys already know the town’s head healer. Probably ran into him being injured themselves.
I guess I also shouldn’t be surprised that we didn’t make it here completely unscathed. Along the way we were ambushed by bandits who were out for gold, or blood to compensate. They were pathetic bandits, but certainly ones I wouldn’t want to know where I’m sleeping. I don’t think I have to really worry about that though.
“It was totally Piko’s fault for giving out our location.”
“Oh was it?”
I have Klarrann, Sokk, Piko and Kaya to watch over me. And they have me to watch over them.


And so the following morning had come. From the house alone, we can hear the town begin to bustle; surely somebody among the crowd could help us. With the three of us on one person too, an altercation on their end would just be stupid.
“Alright, I’m going that way.” Huh, what?
“Okay, I’m gonna head that way then.” What?!
“Wait, we’re splitting up?” My question didn’t reach the target ears as both Klarrann and Sokk had already disappeared into the crowd that seemed to expand and collapse like the tide of the river. They’re gone, leaving me still in front of the healer’s house with my jaw dropped looking like an idiot...


The marketplace, unlike the raging battles he had fought, was actually a lot more organized and therefore made maneuvering through it with only quick glances at the stalls and people managing them easy for Sokk. He saw clothes, books, animals even from the many vendors, but so far nothing fit the description he had in mind.
The mission was to find somebody that speaks Fomorian; to him, that means they had to look... exotic. This person had to look like they weren’t from around but was clever enough to hide amongst the crowd of people. In some ways, this should be easy: just find somebody who doesn’t look like the rest, surely they’ll be what he’s looking for. However, there’s a chance he can scan this entire market and skip right over them if they’re concealed well enough.
“Good morrow sir!” A voice called out to him... maybe. It could be to somebody else, who knows? Sokk quickly disregarded it and continued to pursue his target.
“Be still sir! You look strong!” Okay, that might actually be a call out to him. He turned around to see an older looking man with his back hunched rubbing his hands together. He wore rags and a smile from ear to ear.
“Sorry man, you don’t exactly look like what I wanted to find today...”
“Oh, but my satchel holds more than likely something much more useful for you, and for cheap!” He extended his hand out. Sokk let out a sigh thinking it would be a waste of time, but hey, looking at some laughably weak junk would be a nice rest from scanning the crowd.
“Fine, show me what you got.”
“For a man of your capabilities, I’ll only show the best!” He brimmed with enthusiasm reaching in a small blue box he was previously carrying on his back. This was a strange sight, it looked like he was rummaging around for trinkets, but large metallic clanging was audible.
“Umm... I’m not really interested in toys...”
“Oh, then I suppose you don’t want this...” he pulled out from the box an ordinary-looking broadsword. This was puzzling; the box hardly looked big enough to hold the money that it would normally cost to purchase one of those. But even then, a broadsword is only a broadsword.
“Ehhh...” Sokk made a motion to turn away, showing little-to-no interest in the blade.
“Please wait! You don’t know its power!”
“It’s a broadsword, it’s nice if you want a bit of swiftness while still being able to deliver good attacks, but they dull out ridiculously fast when made by majority of the amateur smiths in this area, sorry old timer.”
“Hmm... this sword is different from all the others though. A strike from this can hurt your target long after you’ve struck them with it. But, if that’s what you say...”
“I’m listening...”


Unlike Sokk, who dove right into the madness Dunbarton endures on a daily basis, Klarrann had taken a route towards an establishment that sits right in the centre of town: the Adventurer’s Association. Where running into the organized chaos of the marketplace was a roundabout way to search for somebody that speaks Fomorian, walking into the Adventurer’s Association was more direct approach.
However, the danger is still very real: he could find ONE person who speaks in Fomorian tongue as well as Welsh, he could find MANY and they all might be looking for trouble... But this didn’t deter the mighty king of Chou. He kept a confident grin as he extended his hand out to the doorknob...
“Huh?” I’m confused too, was that from inside the building, or was it from behind? Taking a glance behind him, all Klarrann saw was the crowd of vendors, none of which appeared to be capable of producing such a hungry... oh, that’s it.
No danger, no fiend, no villain living in a hollowed-out volcano could waive his determination to find what he’s looking for, but his stomach certainly can. Did he stop though? Hell no. He reached out to that doorknob and proceeded to open it with great fortitude.
“Waaassuuppp?!” He shouted in... only to be stared back at. Taking a glance about the room, there was a silver haired man in a blue robe, a dirty blonde young girl in a purple gown and apron, and a black haired girl wearing gothic-frilled clothes. Seeing none of them fit the image of somebody who would speak Fomorian...
“Does anybody here speak Fomorian?” he asks anyways... they all shake their heads in response. “Could anybody direct me to a place I can get some grub?”


I still haven’t exactly found out where those two ran off to, but I knew exactly where I was planning on going. In times of stress at Tir Chonaill, I would often find myself retiring to the local church simply to find some peace. Who knows, maybe they already found somebody, they somehow convinced me to join this crazy team, maybe they’ll convince this person to help to.
From Manus’ place, it appeared that the church was established at the highest point still within the walls of this place. With that in mind, so long as I keep moving up higher and higher, I should find it eventually.
And atop a fountain, behind a small walk-in garden, there it stood. One building that will always be in any town where I can turn to for quiet. Of all the places to look for somebody that can speak Fomorian, I doubt it’s here, and that’s absolutely fine by me.
When I asked myself for something more out of my life, travelling with a band of adventurers is fine, but this is teetering on something larger: something threatening the world as I know it. And it was all brought into suspicion by this medal. It looks like something I’ve seen Meven and Endelyon wear around their neck, but this inscription on it... what does it say? How is it connected to the wizard in Alby that created that giant spider?
“Dul Brau Dairam Shanon...?”
“Is that what it says?”
“Yes, it means ‘Goddess, please lend me the moonlight...’”
“Oh, thanks... wait,” What? When I turned around, what I expected was to find somebody fierce, menacing, and possibly hairy with bad breath. What I saw instead was... a priestess.
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Mabinogi Generation 1 - Chapter 7: Fomorian Tongue Empty
PostSubject: Re: Mabinogi Generation 1 - Chapter 7: Fomorian Tongue   Mabinogi Generation 1 - Chapter 7: Fomorian Tongue I_icon_minitimeFri May 10, 2013 6:23 pm

that seems pretty accurate for manus xD
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Mabinogi Generation 1 - Chapter 7: Fomorian Tongue Empty
PostSubject: Re: Mabinogi Generation 1 - Chapter 7: Fomorian Tongue   Mabinogi Generation 1 - Chapter 7: Fomorian Tongue I_icon_minitimeMon May 13, 2013 1:57 pm

Finish the next chapter quick.
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Mabinogi Generation 1 - Chapter 7: Fomorian Tongue Empty
PostSubject: Re: Mabinogi Generation 1 - Chapter 7: Fomorian Tongue   Mabinogi Generation 1 - Chapter 7: Fomorian Tongue I_icon_minitime

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Mabinogi Generation 1 - Chapter 7: Fomorian Tongue
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