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 Re-installation Difficulties

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PostSubject: Re-installation Difficulties   Fri Jun 28, 2013 2:13 am

So I tried re-installing Mabi after the G18 update as it seems to be like a good time for a fresh install after all this time aaaaaaaaand it completely derps on me. Using the Pando Media Booster download and the normal direct file download/old-fashioned download for the setup file only freeze my computer completely when double-clicking to open them. If I try to use Task Manager to end the process, my whole screen gets wiped of all icons and even the Start Menu Bar leaving only my desktop wallpaper. The only way to gain control of my machine at that point is to force shut-down (hold power button for a few seconds, turn off power switch, unplug the damn power cord, etc.). I spent more than 10 hours total today re-downloading the file and trying different ways to make it work. I've scrounged around the Nexon forums and it doesn't seem like anyone else has a similar issue to mine so I may be in the dark a bit for a solution.

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Got it to work now. The installer wouldn't extract the files properly so I had to manually extract it myself with 7-Zip.
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Re-installation Difficulties
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