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A place for members of Chou to interact outside of Mabinogi. Our outside Paradise.
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PostSubject: Jugi155    Sun Nov 28, 2010 9:16 pm

Name: Jugi155

Gender: Male

Age: 13 - 17

Birthplace: The Orthodox

Color of Choice: Red Blue Green Black White Silver

Weapon of Choice:
Make due with any (All/ any)

Biography: Trained by Sokkun and at times Klarrann, born right after Beta testing but quit (rejoined later on). Was a senior member of Dragonfly -- got tired of Imtoast's PMSing so left for Chou. Easy to get along with but also a bitch to you if you start off on the wrong foot. A total whore in the item category (can't keep a hold of money for long). Willing to bait / tank for friends in a dungeon in their times of need even if he dies. Decent backup for any dungeon and goes with the flow at all times. Used to be renouned in Mari cc6 as the -Wandering Brown Dude- and to friends as -Holy Water Man-
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