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 Mabinogi Generation 1 - Chapter 9: The Black Rose

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Mabinogi Generation 1 - Chapter 9: The Black Rose Empty
PostSubject: Mabinogi Generation 1 - Chapter 9: The Black Rose   Mabinogi Generation 1 - Chapter 9: The Black Rose I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 07, 2013 12:11 am

“I won’t do it just yet...” Kristell halted the transaction in its place. Okay, that’s an issue. I could not have a found a Fomorian speaker easier to initially trust and she doesn’t want to do it.
“Why not?”
“Not until I know what I am to him. If I am just a tool... we shall see...”
And that was the last I heard from her before she turned away to tend to another visitor at the church. Oh geez...


Well, after that disaster, the most I could do was return to the others and alert them of the rough news. With the thought of Kristell wanting something of Tarlach to prove she is not just a tool to him, it could either require him telling her so in-person or more...
“Well, he can’t leave that snowy place, can’t he?” Piko asked, to which I shook my head.
“No, he said that place keeps him alive.”
“Taking her back up to Sidhe Sneatcha would be a whole day trip and a waste of time,” Klarrann tagged in.
“Not to mention, dangerous...” Kaya said, pretty much putting the icing on the Nope Cake. This now puts us in a fix, that’s the best solution we could muster...
“So what now, we wait for Tarlach’s response?”
“It looks that that’s all we can do. Unless...”
“Her song, a black rose was mentioned in it, right?” Come to think of it, it did.
“What of it?” I asked, Klarrann and Kaya glanced at each other, then grinned and fixed their gaze on me.


Which brings us to this thickly wooded forest south of Dunbarton known as Fiodh; or as children and people who can’t read maps (Piko) call it, Fidoh. This forest is known for producing rare and unique florae and the people who lost themselves here searching for it. According to Klarrann and Kaya, they’ve spotted a black rose in here once before, but finding it comes with a set of challenges.
Bear cubs grow up here and their parents are rumoured to knock over trees to protect their young. Wisps, which don’t even have physical form, are pretty much ghosts. Bugs... they’re annoying and they’re here, and lots of them too.
There is danger around every tree, essentially. Hell, there’s danger in the tree tops too, so we’re surrounded by danger the moment we turn every direction and see a tree. Man, I hate forests...
Despite all this, here we are, wandering around Fiodh looking for a possibility of a black rose.
“By the way Taiga,” Klarrann busted the sound of chirping crickets, “I’ve been doing some thinking and, well...”
“Spit it out.”
“I think, since you’re our kingdom’s pet, you need a pet name.” Oh Lymilark no.
“Taiga, my actual name, is enough...” I asserted in protest.
“Your pet name and actual name being one in the same is pretty boring,” Damn it Kaya, I thought you’d be on my side, “and it’d probably be better if we came up with a nickname for you before Sokk or Piko do.”
“How about Tiny?”
“Happy Feet?”
“Wife,” Klarrann and I both gave Kaya a questioning stare on that one.
“To who?!”
“I guess ‘Kitty’ will suffice for now,” Klarrann quickly changed the subject while leaving no room for me to object. Damn it...
At this point, we were quite deep in the forest, the entry point long cut off by the plethora of trees. To me, it felt like aimless wandering, almost as if we were passing the same grouping of trees over and over, but I guess that’s all part of seeing new things. I grew up thinking I’ll be in Tir Chonaill my whole life so this entire journey so far has been aimless wandering.
I’m in capable hands though; to my knowledge, both Klarrann and Kaya probably know this forest like I know the contents of my satchel. We’ll find that rose and be out of this forest in no time.
“It’s not there?”
“I remember seeing it in this general area... wait, that tree look familiar.”
“What?!” Wait, wait, this is only Klarrann, Kaya will know for sure where w-
“Way to go, and that bread was supposed to last the entire way to the rose.”
She was trailing bread crumbs?!
“You mean you didn’t buy more than one?”
And he was relying on it too?! Why do I put my faith in these people only for things like this to happen... why is Kaya snickering?
“I’m... I’m sorr... pffftt! Ahahahaha!!” ...
It was in that moment that I learnt that anyone and everyone in this group simply wishes to prank each other. I can see it now; we find a sword of great power wedged in a stone. One of us goes to pull it out, and it explodes with ink.
“So, we aren’t lost, and then what are we doing? Do you guys know where you’re leading me?” I mean, I really hope they do.
“Yeah, we’re just waiting for something to get its lazy ass over here.” Kaya said, having fully regained her composure.
“Do you know what an Argus is, Taiga?” Klarrann asked, to which I shook my head.
“I’ve heard stories from others in town, but only from Trefor claiming he has killed one. We all know he was lying though.”
“Did he mention it has an amazing sense of smell?” Umm... why would he. “We’re not looking for it; we’re letting it look for us.”
Almost immediately in response, the ground began to shake in pulse. With each tremor, it grew louder, and the tremors began to have less and less green space in-between.
“Draw whatever weapon you have now.” The demeanours of the two I followed into here were completely different now from before, like whatever is causing the tremor can do serious harm to us. Feeling the urgency of their words, I drew my dagger which has seen many sheep to shearing. And suddenly... the tremors stopped.
My breath was still though my eyes searched around for what was causing the quakes, Kaya and Klarrann seemed to have a better time breathing than me. Probably because they have encountered this before, whatever it is.
“Hey, fatass, can you smell me?” Kaya suddenly blurted out. Not exactly sure what that was about.
“All the way from half the forest... you humans,” responded a fairly baritone voice. “That stench is unmistakeable.”
“Oh come now, we bathed before we came out here!” Klarrann taunted back at the voice, seeming to trigger a rustling in the trees, which lead to... astonishment for me.
The trees to our 1 o’clock shook for a moment before stiffening up again, like something was grabbing them, and then parting, revealing behind it something big, green, huge, and sixed-eyed. Okay, description isn’t working here, I’ll turn it over to dialogue.
“What is that?!” I asked in a panic.
“He’s an argus, they live here in this forest.”
“And you humans think you can go anywhere you want in here? Leave before I crush you!” Not one for negotiation I guess...
“We’re only looking for something in here, once we find it, we’ll be ahead on our way out.” Klarrann smirked. “Actually big boy, I was hoping you’d help us.”
“You little shits are only a few steps from my nest, why would I help you?” I don’t even know why you’re talking with us, quite frankly. It’s rather surprising. “What the hell do you even want?”
“A black rose, perhaps you’ve seen one growing around the forest?” Kaya stepped forward and asked.
“A weed?! You barge into my home and stink up the place, just so you can have a filthy weed?!” The argus’ anger patience with us seemed to have worn thin, as it lifted both of its heavy arms into the air, then proceeding to slam them down onto the ground with all its might.
“Tch, so much for playing civil,” Klarrann retorted and followed to draw a long sword from its scabbard. The argus, despite its large size and the force that was placed in the last attack, seemed to have already recovered and had its eyes on us three.
“You humans just think you can go anywhere you like and take anything you want, soon that will be no more!!” It hollered with an earth-shaking roar and raised its arms once more into the air. But this seemed to be what we were waiting for.
“You overgrown...!” Kaya muttered as she launched a concentration of fire aimed at it’s stomach, knocking it off its feet. With the added weight imbalance of its massive arms in the air, the argus toppled onto its back. But that’s not the end of this counter attack.
Klarrann had started charging at the thing as Kaya was firing off the bolt, looking for the right chance to catch him as he started to fall. He jumps into the air, going for a stab! No, he moved the sword out of the impact zone and is going for a kick!
“Kuh!!” The argus’ body slammed even harder onto the ground than it should have with the added momentum of Klarrann’s kick, and the extremely short skirmish seemed to have ended there. Suddenly, I felt a hand on my shoulder.
“Taiga,” Kaya spoke, “I’m sure you heard it mention its nest, right?”
“Oh, what about it?” I wouldn’t know what’s going on right now, sorry Kaya.
“Go find it, it’ll be an opening-ish space that looks flatter than most terrain here. You’ll probably find a black rose there or nearby it.”
“R-right!” Wow, that went very well, and we didn’t even do any more than knock a big guy down. I ran in the direction the argus came from and found it. As if it the darkness of the forest could not keep it from glistening, a black rose sat there from the ground like a diamond in the rough. And with a quick slice of my dagger, it was now in my possession, and soon Kristell’s.
“Taiga, did you find it?” Klarrann called me over, so I returned and held it up. “Alright, that’s great. Well then, Mr. Argus...”
“You ignorant Milletians... it’s coming faster than you think.” It spoke as if it were not defeated. “Soon, we’ll have a level playing field, just you wait.”
“Yeah?” Klarrann glared back at it and pointed his sword at its neck. “I don’t know why you guys would want that, I like this unevenness, makes it much more fun to travel.”
“I wasn’t referring to the terrain...” the last thing we heard it say before Klarrann dismounted it and joined Kaya and I far away from it... but now that’s two weird things I’ve heard. And they both see the great concern I’m showing on my face, I’m sure of it.
“A wizard who claims the goddess is against us, upped power and aggression of creatures, and now an argus babbling about a ‘level playing field’... Klarr, we’re going to have to kick things into high pace.”
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Mabinogi Generation 1 - Chapter 9: The Black Rose
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