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 Mabinogi Generation 1 - Chapter 10: Mores Gwydion

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Mabinogi Generation 1 - Chapter 10: Mores Gwydion Empty
PostSubject: Mabinogi Generation 1 - Chapter 10: Mores Gwydion   Mabinogi Generation 1 - Chapter 10: Mores Gwydion I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 29, 2013 11:27 am

“I don’t believe this...” Kristell said as she carefully grasped the floret in her hands. As she looked down at it, you could see her expression go from dumbfounded to accepting and tears began to well up in her eyes. She turned around before any could drop from her face as to hide just how emotional she was becoming from us. Completely understandable, I’m just glad that this worked out okay.
“Now I believe you have a book for us,” Kaya broke the near-silence and moment with the transaction we worked for. Kristell quickly regained her composure as she nodded and dashed into the church.
Yes, this book Tarlach sent us to translate. If it has anything to do with the Goddess crying out for help in my dreams, the strange destructive creature I saw, or any other vision I’m yet to see, this book has to be extremely important.
“Here it is...” she said as she approached us and extended her arm out, book in hand. “I warn you before you read, the contents are a bit disturbing.” The title, now legible to our eyes, serves as reference to her words.
Book of Revenge
Well, it was written in Fomorian before we had Kristell translate it, if anything I should have seen this coming. Fomorians hate humans, and I’m assuming they hate Milletian just as much. The only thing we could do from here is actually open the book and read it... but not now, not in front of Kristell.
Fulfilling what we were after, us three returned to where the others are and began making preparation for the night...


The night that had now set upon us felt different from any other I spent with this group. The air, though cool and crisp, burned with an unbelievable tension. We were not afraid of any bandits or any wild animals that may wander onto out camp site, only the contents of the book now sitting on my lap.
The terror I had seen in my dreams, the cries for help, the spider in Alby, this book might be the blueprint for all of it.
To each of my sides, Piko and Kaya sat close enough to read it on their own, Sokk stood up behind me, and Klarrann sat on the opposite side of the fire, which crackled and popped with everything it was fed. Everyone’s here and we’re ready to find out what was so important; I carefully opened the cover to the prologue.
“To all Fomors in Erinn and Lohollan, I urge each and every one of you to pay attention to what I, Mores, have to say, as a human being walking the path of a Fomor, yet being unable to conquer the boundaries presented by the fact that I am human being.”
“Wait, this book was written by a human?”
“Shut up. Keep reading, Kitty.”
“The words I am about to say will have everything to do with revenge on the humans. Know that this is not just a wishful thinking from one individual, but a creed that all Fomors should follow. Hear my three cries of revenge, in hopes of restoring the order of the world.”


Humans are creations of chaos. They are only too happy to break rules in the name of growth and practicality, while devaluing everything that helped them get to where they were, sometimes even denouncing their existence. They strongly believe that their desires supersede nature's beauty and harmony, and even if there's a person that practices patience and content, that person will be classified as a failure. Their definition of wisdom isn't one that can control their desires, but rather one that can maximize their greed. They are fully devoted to feeding their desires, and the ones that are the most dedicated to this “craft” will be looked upon with envy. That's just how humans are.
They also scream of change and growth. The irony is all this is that humans themselves may have gone through generations and generations without actually changing one bit. They are loathe to admit their sinister nature, and instead blame it on innocent bystanders. That way, they'll forget about their own inner sinister ways, and in the end, trick themselves into believing that they are the kind, gentle being worthy of divine blessings. Humans are full of deceit, hatred, and betrayal, and have the galls to bring harm to fellow creations of God that may stand in their path. That’s human. Don't ever forget that. It's our duty as the servants of God, to forever hate and destroy the humans, in order to restore order in this world.
Fomors, on the other hand, are the creations of order. Instead of changing the world to fit their needs, Fomors believe in harmony, balance, and order of the world. Fomors know the duties they'll have to perform as God's creations, use their God-given abilities wisely, protect the weak, and stand up to the strong. Fomors never hesitate to sacrifice for the good of the whole, and understand their personal desires are unimportant in the big picture.
Fomors move in groups, showing compassion to those in need, while understanding the difficulties the strong ones face, helping them out when in need. Fomors only have one thing in mind, to carry on God's desires of peace, unity, and harmony. Remember the true nature of the Fomors, even if you may have forgotten it along the way. We are the Fomors, the ones that never blame God for the society we are put in, even if God may seem to be on the human's side.
Do you remember Tir Na Nog? It's the holy paradise created by the four gods, and its presence establishes order in Erinn, with the divine providence shining through each and every day.
Alas, the never-ending desires of the humans have made them dissatisfied with what the god gave us. In fact, they proceed to destroy nature and stretches their infinite desires to the holy land of Tir Na Nog.
Do not simply dismiss the humans' desires to live in the world of gods when they are imperfect. Think about how big of a tragedy it'll be if that happens. Think about how devastating it'll be for the rules and order to be destroyed once and for all in the hands of the humans.


“With all the sins these humans commit, how can they even think of making their way towards the land of eternity? And how can we let them go like that? Tir Na Nog shall not be taken over in the hands of the filty human beings. Never. Tir Na Nog will shine the brightest when the Fomors take over the land. And that is what I wish, as someone who may be a human being, but decides to fully embrace the life of a Fomor. This is also what the Goddess ultimately wishes…”
An eerie silence took the place of my reading aloud. Those last few words seemed familiar… All this in the book so far, is this truly what she wants? The Goddess who is crying out for help in my dreams, is she trying to fool me?
“Is that all?” Klarrann asked from across the fire.
“Finish it then.”
“First, what we'll need to do is to teach these foolish humans, who lust over the holy land of Tir Na Nog as a means to fulfill human desires, a huge lesson in the name of the creators, the Gods. Never forget all the despicable acts these humans did on each and every one of us. It's up to us to now to return the favor to these humans, and re-establish harmony and peace in this world. Always remember that Tir Na Nog's holy nature can only be kept intact by destroying the mankind.”
And that was that: cover to cover the contents of this book. Many questions were left behind for sure, for starters…
“Mores, huh? What kind of deranged, maybe senile, man is this guy?” Sokk asked. He’s the alleged author of this book who claims to be human and on the side of Fomors.
“What’s to say he isn’t some Fomor who has over-observed the history of Erinn a bit too much?” Klarrann responded with another question. “And what’s this about the Goddess wanting everything that was in the book, huh?”
That was the part that I’m sure disturbed everyone the most. As Milletian, the Goddess welcomed us into this world and asked us to do what she asks us. We’ve been living alongside humans this whole time peacefully, not once as she asked us to harm them.
“Something else isn’t right with this book…” Piko added in. “It kind of feels like this one… is just part 1. Like there’s more to it.”
“Maybe Tarlach has the second book, or at least knows where it is…”
“This Kristell Lady, or anybody in Dunbarton, we should ask them if they know this Mores,” Kaya threw in. Well, we can’t bother Kristell probably, but as far as we knew Dunbarton is still bustling about. We each agreed to go in and stay up a bit longer in search of answers to Mores’ identity.


We ran about different streets of Dunbarton, asking as much different people as we could find. It was a long effort that lasted into the morning hours, but here’s what we gathered.
Long ago, the Second Great Battle of Mag Tuireadh was raging on between the Tuatha de Danann and the Fomorians. During this battle, the wizard Jachibel intended to cast a spell that would turn Erinn into a wasteland and give victory to the Fomors.
One night, however, a druid known as Mores Gwydion snuck into a Fomor camp and stopped Jachibel from casting said spell. Unfortunately, Mores himself was killed in the process.
Everyone was devastated when his friend returned with the sad news, his sacrifice is celebrated even to this day. Some people even named their newborns after him, which presents a different possibility for this book.
Could it be one of these children grew up to write this under the hero’s name? Actually, what if some Fomor just did and had it published under the name Mores Gwydion to slander the hero everyone treasures so dearly?
“Oh,” Piko, who somehow remained jubilant amongst the rest of us whose eyes had a defined dark ring underneath them, jumped while reaching into her bag, “I also picked this up from Eavan at the lost and found.” She presents to us half a ring torque. We tilted our heads trying to find out the significance behind it. Did she think it’s pretty despite the fact that it’s only half the full thing?
“That’s mean, Kitty,” Sokk snickered. Damn mind reader…
“This isn’t just some ordinary ring torque, it’s—“
“Broken.” Kaya finished her sentence while snatching it. “It also belonged to Mores at one point, didn’t it?”
“Ehhh? I wanted to be cool and say it, Kaya, no fair!” Piko complained to her as she handed it off to me, then forced my hands shut. As she did, I felt my eyelids getting heavier and heavier... I don’t think I can stay awake much longer...


“I need to rest, there’s no end to this... I’ve been constantly circling this labyrinth,” I reached into my pocket looking for a loaf of bread and sat against a wall. I felt something metallic instead, the ring torque...
I can’t stop here, not now. I stood back up.
“Shiela... I’ll return to you, and I’ll ask my friends...”
One step
“Why did you betray me?”
And another
“Why did you feel so compelled to stab me in the back?”
“Mores the Grand Wizard, we have finally found you!” Damn! Those Fomors caught up! “Please let go of your anger and come with us.”
“You may be alive, but you aren’t really alive. You are already considered deceased in your world; you can no longer return to the world of humans.”
“To you who only disguise yourselves as humans, but really aren’t... Who dares to try getting in the way of a furious wizard?!” I’ll use my remaining life to kill what gets in my way, if that’s what it takes...
“Enough Mores! There’s no reason to fight a meaningless battle anymore...!” Their leader tried to reason with me.
“Step aside and don’t make me repeat myself... I will not forgive anyone... who gets in my way. Not even the Goddess herself!” I fired at him, only to miss... damn. Even with such a small attack I’m...
“Oh, troubled wizard, I understand why you long to return; but if you do, you will surely die.” The leader stepped closer and sheathed his sword. “...Why do you not believe us? If you don’t trust us, it will surely cause you pain.”
“Is that a threat? And why do you believe I will die if I return?”
“Would you like to find out for yourself? Do you think you can handle the truth that I am about to show you?”
“Don’t underestimate me... scum.”
“...very well.” He approached even closer and stuck his hand on my head. Suddenly, it was as if I was transported out of the dungeon and... to my home?
“What kind of trickery is this? That’s my home, and it looks fine to me.”
“Look.” When I looked again, I saw flames being hurled at it, windows shattering, and smoke beginning to billow. My house is... under siege?
“You’re burning my house down? Do you think you can threaten me by doing this?”
“Hold back your assumptions, it’s not us. Take a closer look.” There were indeed figures standing outside my house holding torches, when I walked closer to see them...
“What... this can’t be... human soldiers?” From the burning wreckage of my home, I heard sounds that are worse than the world coming to an end... screams. My wife’s screams!
“Shiela!! My love, no! Shiela!!” Wait a minute... “My child! Where is my child!!” I would gain no answers and the vision slowly faded and I was returned into the dungeon where the Fomors stood around me. The least of my worries now... my wife, my child... our future.
“Yes... sad but true, humans are responsible for this. We tried to stop it... I am so sorry.” He stood up and backed away slightly. “Because you found out Jabchiel's ultimate spell, you and everyone related to you were murdered. You at least died and became a hero, but your family wasn't so lucky.” Because I tried to stop Jachibel... my comrades turned coat on me?
“Ahh...ahh... Shiela... My love... And my baby... I'm sorry... I'm so sorry... All because of me...” I could only weep now, if this is the truth then they... are already gone...
“Mores, you were regarded as a hero in your world, throwing your body away to repel a spell that would surely meant Fomorian victory. If you, who died, were to suddenly reappear in the world alive, what do you think would happen?
“The humans will try to kill you again, your friends who have also been called heroes included. That’s the reality, the truth you witnessed is the true nature of humans. Truth, however, means nothing to them, only their twisted sense of justice, which they only acknowledge amongst themselves.
“You can join me, Mores, I too turned my back on this sick race. If you seek revenge, I can lead you to the Goddess.” Hesitant as I was... or thought I was, I followed him. We walked further down the beaten corridors, passing by many more Fomors who shot me the same pitying stare I believe this man was giving me underneath that helmet. Strangely enough, I saw some wounded, some disturbed, and couldn’t help feeling pity towards them too.
We eventually reached a room that seemed a bit wider than the others, and, to my astonishment...
“You poor soul, you must be in so much pain...”
“Y-you are...!”
“Yes, I am Morrighan. Protector of Humans, Guardian of Warriors... After I became petrified during the first war at the field of Mag Tuireadh, I have been staying here ever since.”
“Then... this is Tir... Na Nog?”
“Where you are is not important, what is important is your feelings toward humans... betrayal, hatred... and sadness...” Even the Goddess herself has given up on the humans for their immoral nature?
“Do you... forgive those who slaughtered your family...? If the opportunity of vengeance comes your way... will you not seize it?”
My family... my beloved wife Shiela who I fought hard to protect... along with the child we were to raise together. The home we wanted to watch her grow up in was burnt to the ground... along with my faith in humanity.
“...No. I will...get revenge no matter what. Those who have made me like this, and those who have killed my family... I will follow them to the depths of hell...I will not let them get away...” She looked at me, though her eyes closed, I believe they gazed down with pity.
“Although I am the Guardian of Warriors, I am also the author of War and Vengeance... I have also lost hope in humans, they slay their own brethren for greed, and selfishness... To achieve the order of Aton Cimeni... To bring true peace to the world...” she paused for a moment, as if needing to regain composure. “...humans must be destroyed... You understand my will...don't you?”
Witnessing the horror of my family being slaughtered, knowing those responsible for it were of human blood as well. And in such a cold manner… my daughter will never grow up… she’ll never have to see the cruelty of this world.
“Oh, Goddess...!” I knelt down before her, “...Answer me! I will do anything for you! What can I do to help you get your revenge!?”


“Iyaaaaaah!!!” I shouted as I jumped up… in a tent? Oh, I see, I must’ve been so tired that I passed out. …What did I just see? Was that Mores? And that lady… was that the Goddess siding with the Fomors?
I looked down at my hand… I was still holding half the ring torque, only now I see the words inscribed into it
Through Any Pain and Suffering
…the other half, if it has something to say, then what is it?
“What did you see?” Piko asked me.
“I saw Mores… some Fomors, and the Godde—WOAH!” She’s here? And awake?!
“Is that so…” she said, looking slightly forwards from me. “The others are waiting outside, let’s continue this chat with them.”
I felt the lump in my throat, which I am only now noticing is there, begin to widen. How long have they been waiting and have they been expecting something out of me…? I followed Piko out of the tent into the evening set hills, set beside a small pond.
The other three sat there next to a campfire, arms crossed and silent. As Piko approached them, they exchanged words I could not hear, then invited me to join them at the circle…
“What exactly did you see?” Klarrann skipped the usual light-heartedness he brings to the table and jumped right into my dream.
“…I saw Mores.” No, that alone definitely won’t satisfy them. “He was running around in a dungeon, and that’s when he ran into some Fomors and…”
…I told them everything I saw. The vision of his house burning, the appearance of the Goddess, and her words of betrayal. The atmosphere left in the aftermath of my words was heavy, not a word was spoken within the moment I finished my story.
“Is that all?” Sokk broke the silence and asked.
“Yes… I woke up after that…”
“I see… hey Kitty, do you know how long you were out for?”
“…no?” That’s an odd change of topic.
“About 13 hours… do you know how much sleep it looks like you’ve gotten?”
“About 2, maybe 3 hours…” He walked up to and placed his hands on my shoulder. “I have a nice remedy for this.” I looked at the others, who were all sitting and watching as if nothing is going on or about to happen. I can trust him, I guess.
“What is it?” I asked, then found myself looking down at the ground as it spun. For a brief moment, I felt weightless. But that moment would only last as long as a weapon on Ferghus’ anvil, and I felt myself being pulled to the ground. Without even a chance to brace for impact, I was enveloped with water, rushing to touch all corners of my body and saturating my clothes.
Did he just… throw me into the pond? Feeling the pressing need for air, I swam back up and gasped. He stood at the edge, and extended his hand out to me.
“What the hell, Sokk?!”
“Did you have a nice swim?”
“I’m completely soaked now, what do you think?!”
“Taiga, do you feel any more energized than before?” Kaya asked. Come to think of it… I did feel really tired earlier. With Sokk’s help, I climbed out of the pond, still sopping wet, but definitely feel more awake and alert than before.
“You seemed to be doing a lot more thinking than you need to,” Klarrann said as he stood up and began to approach me. “Trust me, this is a team effort, we don’t want one of us, and our important piece at that, to burn themselves out.”
“Butts.” Sokk stopped me from saying anymore.
“Butt!” Piko enthusiastically yelled from nearby the fire.
“Butt.” Kaya said as quietly and emotionless as usual.
“KYAH!!” Piko, who was sitting right next to her, suddenly yelped… what just happened? Klarrann smiled, then handed me a thick cloth.
“Come on, let’s get you dry by the fire and then you can have some decent sleep.”
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Mabinogi Generation 1 - Chapter 10: Mores Gwydion
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