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 I Am Going To Quit/Be Inactive.

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PostSubject: I Am Going To Quit/Be Inactive.   Sun May 04, 2014 7:33 pm

Yeah... just what the title says. Mabi just isn't... enjoyable for me anymore. Maybe if Nexon and DevCat take drastic steps to nearly completely overhaul the game to meet modern standards or even beyond, rebalance and really polish up all of the newer (post-G13) and older (pre-G13) content, keep certain things that kill a game ("power creep" and "spectacle creep" and severe lack of player-to-environment immersion) in check, and actually have an efficient client that doesn't crash 5 times per game session for many of the customers, then I'll come back.

I'll still be around on the forum, movie nights, and sometimes Skype. All my chars will still be in guild for the off chance I log in for chatting or something. My homestead and all the stuff inside, like herbs and the alchemy ovens, will be open for everyone so make yourselves feel at home.

BUT... I will leave you all with some last screenshots of me, and then some videos by a channel named "Extra Credits" on YouTube to explain in part what I meant with those terms mentioned above. These videos are not me trying to convince you to quit Mabi too, by any means. If Mabi is fun for you, then no reason to stop playing.

Quest Design 1

Quest Design 2

Power Creep

Spectacle Creep

Difference in Scale vs. Kind

Balancing for Skill

Perfect Imbalance

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PostSubject: Re: I Am Going To Quit/Be Inactive.   Mon May 05, 2014 1:38 am

It's always good to take breaks and while I selfishly hope you'll be back in a while, I'll understand if you dont.

Either way I hope we can stay in touch ; )
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PostSubject: Re: I Am Going To Quit/Be Inactive.   Mon May 05, 2014 5:59 pm

I'll be hoping you return someday, but have fun doing whatever you plan to do now. We'll do a 1 hour run of peaca int when you come back >:'3
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PostSubject: Re: I Am Going To Quit/Be Inactive.   

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I Am Going To Quit/Be Inactive.
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