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 Now this isn't for Mabi NA, but it's still cool to see.

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PostSubject: Now this isn't for Mabi NA, but it's still cool to see.   Tue Mar 17, 2015 5:47 pm

This is a 10 year anniversary video put out by Mabi KR. It shows some interesting statistics about the game itself since its release in the region. The video has no subtitles, but the translation, provided by one of the comments on the original YT page, are below. Honestly, this video make me miss the Mabi from back in my days.

Thought I'd just translate it for those who are curious.
It's already been 10 long years since the start of the Mabinogi world.

Born in 22th June 2004, now Mabinogi would already be in year 3 if it went to school (Korean age calculation).

For those who first started Mabinogi when they were 12 should now be 22. Time to meet Nao for a rebirth Very Happy

There are 6.2 million people who have joined the Mabinogi world since then, which means every 1 out of 8 people in South Korea are Milletians.

0:57......1:26 (Just saying it's been 10 long years, and how your experience would've been.)

The total number of FISH caught by Milletians is 229.4million. The amount that can feed 3.55million people for a year in real life.

The total number of WOOL collected is 6.3 billion.

" " EGGS " " 2.3 billion.

" " MILK " " 10 million L.

Meaning that you could make 520,000 wool coats, and 1,430,000 pancakes in real life. Amazing, aye?

The Owl that delivers letters and quests to you has delivered total 3.1billion letters and 3billion quests. Even now, this friend is flying around Mabinogi world looking for you.

The total distance traveled by TRADING (commerce) Milletians is 117.4million km, which means one would've traveled around the earth 29000 times in real life.

Well, you can't leave out BATTLE in Mabinogi.

The HIGHEST LEVEL achieves was Lv.42247.

The monster that KILLED the most Milletians is 'The Giant White Spider'.

The monster that's KILLED BY Milletians the most was 'Gray Rat'

And the Golem in the first dungeon has been killed 10billions times.

Milletians were killed total 1.3million times, and revived by Nao 44million times.

Repairing weapons after battle is fatal. Our always-favorite blacksmith Ferghus has so far broke 584,947 weapons in total.

The memories of our adventure come back to life. Our companions, 6.8million animal avatars(pets)... Who was next to you on your passage?

There are 300,000 Milletians who rescued the Goddess in [G1 Advent of the Goddess].

38,000 guilds were created and 48million camp fires were lit.

Do you remember? The excitement you felt on your adventure. And not the end, but another beginning.
The ones who give life to Mabinogi are you, Milletians.
Thank you for coming to Erinn.
Happy 10th birthday, Mabinogi. The next Generation.
BTW all statics are only from Korean server. not including NA and Japan´╗┐
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PostSubject: Re: Now this isn't for Mabi NA, but it's still cool to see.   Thu Mar 19, 2015 11:48 am

Oh, I remember this video. Yeah, this was really cool to see!
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Now this isn't for Mabi NA, but it's still cool to see.
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