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 Role Play Character Bio

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PostSubject: Role Play Character Bio   Wed Jan 26, 2011 9:05 am

Klarrann Chou

Leader of Chou. Flamboyant and eccentric, his unusual ways of battles has earned him the title Klarrann the Deviant. Unusual as it may be, his plans more times than not, wins the day. Stongly believes in his retainers abilities. Takes every advice very seriously. After uniting his homeland, he sees the fear in the citizens hearts and sets out to conquer the world. "This is a sickness. A sickness that must be cured!"

Support characters

Dalios Varfaren
Orphaned by the constant struggle between clans. Was captured trying to steal from Klarrann's Castle. Seeing the boys unique talents, Klarrann took him under his wing. Believing Klarrann is the only person who can bring peace back to the land, he devote his enitre being to serving Klarrann. "I will devote my life to him."

Rose Magdalia
Comes from a long line of loyal retainers to Chou. Her father died protecting Klarrann when the castle was infriltrated. Swearing to return the favor, Klarrann watches over Rose as an older brother.
"If only we were born in a different time."

If this world is seemingly not perfect, not good enough
It must be waiting for us to make it better ourselves
Just like love, seemingly so scarce, it must be
Waiting for us to bravely seek it, and find it together
Every falling leaf, in order to blossom into a garden
Endure the whole winter hand in hand
Every butterfly, in order to fly, in order to flit and dance
Will first make a cocoon

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PostSubject: Re: Role Play Character Bio   Wed Jan 26, 2011 9:11 am

Name: Valen De Sok aka Sokky the Black Wind

One of Klarrann's retainer of Chou. Have won many battles to unite our homeland. As a retainer of Chou I shall set forth to pave the road of success for our lord Klarrann. When in battle he likes to stay hidden and attack the main camp in darkness to cause chaos and to ensure a slight victory for our troop. He is the head leader of a small unit that specialize in infiltration and gathering information. When entering a battlefield his quickness and cut-throat desire have earn Sokky the title Black Wind.

~Heaven is now MINE!~


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PostSubject: Re: Role Play Character Bio   Wed Jan 26, 2011 9:33 pm

Soldier William Fiore-Last remaining soldier of the Army of Horace Araluen one of the deceased commanders of the Chou army. His background is shrouded in mystery and has random black outs from which he wakes up with blood on his hands which is never his own. He is a silent soldier but sometimes utters words that are very powerful in emotion. His most prized possesion is a red lily that never withers.
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PostSubject: Re: Role Play Character Bio   Thu Jan 27, 2011 6:10 am

Kitty the Falling Star

Kitty has always been misunderstood. Her father currently favors her brother and is always out training him for war. Her brother sees how their father teaches her and he decided to train her too. Their mother was said to be killed in a battle but, Kitty believes that her father killed her. She earn the title 'the Falling Star' because she always manages to get back up in a battle or war.

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PostSubject: Re: Role Play Character Bio   Thu Jan 27, 2011 9:25 am

Komorika Piko - the Bugle and a Vigilante

An archer who used to fly on the same team as Klarrann, Sokky, William, and Kitty. Walks around playing some form of instrument wherever she goes, carries a pair of drumsticks and a dagger. While an archer, she cannot stand sneak attacks from either side of the front. In effect, she will make herself known to her target before even taking aim, has earned her title of "the Bugle" because of this. She has trained her ears carefully to be able to read things such as displacement of air (or wind) and frequencies produced by an object or voice.
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PostSubject: Re: Role Play Character Bio   

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Role Play Character Bio
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